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Honda’s CB125S ( Single cylinder as opposed to CB125K which was a twin) was released in the US market in 1973 and continued in the US until 1985. Over its long production life the CB125 reached all corners of the globe and appeared in a multitude of colours, liveries and forms. Ultimately the CB was replaced by the CG125 which was overhead valve rather than overhead cam.

Like the CB100 the CB125 was the basis of a variety of other models. The CL125, SL125, XL125 and TL125

Honda CB125RS, 1983-1986.

The RS tag was a follow on from the launch of the sporty CB250RS in the 80’s. Honda’s new TPFC carburettor  ( transient power fuel control) with its accelerator pump was designed to aid economy without hurting performance.

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1975 Honda CB125

1979 Honda CB125S